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Best Burger in Manhattan Beach: Cast Your Vote Now

May 30, 2014 04:58PM ● By Mb News Staff

At Marine Street Cafe, you can get a burger on a bun or any sandwich in a "Bikini Wrap" of gluten-free rice paper. The bikini wrapped Sky Burger is shown here. grass fed and all natural with no antibiotics and no hormones. All of the produce served is certified organic or pesticide and spray free. MSC uses only natural and organic ingredients in their house made sauces and dressings.

Juices running out of the meat, melted cheese, special sauce streaming down your face. Some burgers have it, some don't.

DigMB asked you to nominate the places you frequent when you want the best hamburger in Manhattan Beach, and now the voting begins. 

This time (nominations are being taken from's Facebook page, too) to vote you need to do so at the bottom of this story by making a comment in the comments section. Create a sign-in and cast your vote daily from now until Saturday, June 13 at midnight (that way you have time to have a burger at each of these joints!). Of course, establishments in MB not listed in our nominations can receive "write-in" votes, again in the comments section below the article (scroll down the page until you reach the comments section).

Here are the nominations (in alphabetical order) with call outs from readers in parentheses:

Hangar Inn
Hennessey's Tavern
Johnny Rockets
OB's Pub & Grill (turkey burger)
Marine Street Café 
The Original Rinaldi's Manhattan Beach (Daddy Roots Rasta Veggie Burger)
Rockefeller Gastropub
Sloopy's Beach Café
Tomboy's World Famous Chili Hamburgers

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Nominations are here on our Facebook page, too.

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