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Guide to Beach Parking

Jun 10, 2014 08:20AM ● By Mb News Staff

Even parking comes with ocean views in Manhattan Beach!

Beach parking can be hard to find, even in what is considered the "off" season.

Word to the wise:
 Be aware of all posted parking requirements, be sure to pay, curb your wheels on hills (here's how), and enjoy your time at the beach! The City of Manhattan Beach draws a lot of revenue from parking offenders and multiple Community Services Officers are on patrol to ensure that.

Beach-close parking lots give visitors the chance to pay and park for longer than is typically allowed at street meters. Metered street parking downtown and in North Manhattan Beach usually comes with a two-hour time limit, done to keep these prime spots open for folks who will shop at the businesses rather than spend hours on the sand nearby.

Here's a list of public parking lots throughout the city that are close to the beach. 

There are 11 "official" public parking lots downtown. All lots have parking meters that accept cash and credit/debit cards. Metered street parking is also offered.

26th Street/Bruce's Beach
This popular beach about midpoint between downtown and North Manhattan Beach attracts crowds of beachgoers thanks to volleyball nets on the sand, restroom/shower facilities, a small outdoor workout area on The Strand pathway above the beach, basketball courts and grassy sitting areas with an ocean view at Bruce's Beach park.

The public parking lots for this stretch of sand hold 68 coveted spots and have parking meters that accept cash and credit/debit cards. Street parking is hard to find but if you do, don't block a driveway or garage, and again, curb your wheels if you're on a hill.

North Manhattan Beach, aka El Porto
Merchants in the quaint North End of town have moved beyond the days when the area was dubbed El Porto. Still, longtime locals, surfers and beachgoers may be more apt to call the area by its former name. 

Basically, metered public parking lots are in two locations here: Right above the beach about as far north as the city boundary goes and closer to the commercial hub on Highland and Rosecrans avenues.

Metered parking lines Highland Ave. in front of eating spots and businesses, and again, observe parking etiquette and curb your wheels on hills.

Common Parking Code Violations in Manhattan Beach
In case you're interested, here are the most commonly committed parking violations in the city.

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