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What's Your Favorite Hamburger in Manhattan Beach?

May 26, 2015 07:33AM ● By Mb News Staff
Home cooks aside, when you want a hamburger, where in Manhattan Beach do you go?

May is National Hamburger Month and DigMB is asking readers to nominate their favorite place for a burger in the city. Burgers can be meatless or made out of any meat (DigMB loves 
The Original Rinaldi's Manhattan Beach Daddy Roots Rasta Veggie Burger and Marine Street CafĂ©'s Bikini Wrap Sky Burger).

Nominations can be made in the comments section below the article through Thursday, May 28 at midnight. Then, DigMB will compile your noms and publish that list so you can vote to determine the top spots for hamburger heaven in Manhattan Beach.

It's not necessary to name the precise burger you're nominating since the contest will name winners by restaurant and not the exact menu item but you can call out your burger faves by name! Just be sure to name the eatery that crafts your favorite burger.

To nominate a business to potentially be crowned as MB's Best, create or use your sign in to post a comment at the very end of the post (below the email newsletter sign up and "You might also like" list of articles). The comments section is way down at the very bottom of the page practically, so do scroll down until you find it.

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