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Neptunian Woman's Club Honors Young Artists, Photographers

Mar 21, 2020 09:45AM ● By Jeanne Fratello
The Neptunian Woman's Club of Manhattan Beach has named winners of its 41st annual student art and photography contest. Although the unusual situation with this year's COVID-19 coronavirus shutdown caused the club to cancel its traditional awards presentation and art gallery, the students nevertheless were honored with prizes and recognition.

The student winners in each category received cash prizes of $50 for first place; $40 for second place; and $30 for third place.

The photography and artwork is all on display in the attached photo gallery, organized by grade.

A panel of South Bay art professionals served as judges. The panel included South Bay surf-themed artist Ken Reiter; abstract painter Marlene Sanaye Yamada; "Gen X'-style painter Wendy Stillman; cyanotype/blueprinting artist Jeff Carson; photographer Kerry Stitt; and fine art photo illustrator Ron Regalado.

The art winners were as follows: 

1st Place: Brady Neesley, American Martyrs
2nd Place: Mila Kim, Pennekamp
3rd Place: Porter Stell, Meadows

First Grade
1st Place: Ellysa Wang, Meadows
2nd Place: Ava Treger, Pennekamp
3rd Place: Ellysa Wang, Meadows

Second Grade
1st Place: Zachariah Chang, Pennekamp
2nd Place: Zayaan Mehrdtra, Pacific
3rd Place: Xavier Chang, Pennekamp

Third Grade
1st Place: Mila Skorin, Grand View
2nd Place: Chloe Snyder, Meadows
3rd Place: Olivia Kuhtreiber, Manhattan Academy

Fourth Grade
1st Place: Mia Garay, Grand View
2nd Place: Stella Mokhtari, Grand View
3rd Place: Hunter Kim, Pennekamp

Fifth Grade
1st: Place Mario Scaduto, Grand View
2nd Place: Katelyn Husson, Grand View
3rd Place: Skylar Engle, Manhattan Academy

Sixth Grade
1st Place: Marielle Morgan, MBMS
2nd Place: Lila Mokhtari, MBMS
3rd Place: Maddie Rosenfeld, MBMS

Seventh Grade
1st Place: Marlee Becker, MBMS
2nd Place: Marlee Becker, MBMS
3rd Place: Sadie Lee, MBMS

Eighth Grade
1st Place: Ella Welch, MBMS
2nd Place: Ilana Buholzer, MBMS
3rd Place: Mia Coleman, American Martyrs

Ninth Grade
1st Place: Abby Patton, MCHS
2nd Place: Abby Patton, MCHS
3rd Place: Elsa Rochelson, MCHS

Tenth Grade
1st Place: Charlotte (Charlie) Kwon, MCHS
2nd Place: Malia Kowal, MCHS
3rd Place: Malia Kowal, MCHS

Eleventh Grade
1st Place: Keaton MacHale, MCHS
2nd Place: Amanda Murch, MCHS
3rd Place: Michelle Rembert, MCHS

Twelfth Grade
1st Place: Tess Fortier, MCHS
2nd Place: Ruby Hirsch, MHS
3rd Place: Jack Lulich, MCHS

The photography winners (contest open to grades six and above) were as follows: 

Sixth Grade
1st Place: Tommy Joyce, American Martyrs
2nd Place: Hudson Hryniewicz, American Martyrs
3rd Place: Madison Whiteley, American Martyrs

Seventh Grade
1st Place: Jared Hagstrom, MBMS
2nd Place: Bryce Nicholson, MBMS
3rd Place: Owen Zanotti, American Martyrs

Eighth Grade
1st Place: Owen Sedlik, MBMS
2nd Place: Kaden Socrates, MBMS
3rd Place: Mark Wood, American Martyrs

Ninth Grade
1st Place: Luke Langton, MCHS
2nd Place: Luke Langton, MCHS
3rd Place: Anna Chittenden, MCHS

Eleventh Grade
1st Place: Sean Farrell, MCHS
2nd Place: Mason McEwen, MCHS
3rd Place: Sean Farrell, MCHS

Twelfth Grade
1st Place: Maya Greskovics, MCHS
2nd Place: Maya Greskovics, MCHS

Honorable mentions included Avery Batchelder, Emilie Beaupain, Garrick Buholzer, Ronan Curnyn, Catherine Curry, Isabelle Dallas, Giulia Dionisio, Maria Dominozak, Christian Edwards, Peter Ehrhard, Drew Engle, Kyle Farrell, Ashley Fisher, Kelly Fisher, Hayden Floyd, Maggie Foley, Vincent Fong, Sarah Fox, Jim Garrison, Dylan Glober, Lillian Gombert, Anneliese Grubbs, Joshua Grubbs, Summer Higley, Allison Ho, Brody Interian, Jordyn Jacobson, Katherine Jester, Charlie Koch, Sophia Kong, Mark Kuhtreiber, Szofia Kuhtreiber, Francesca Kula, Loa Lakoff, Chase Coltrane Lerner, Sophia H Litke, Valentina Lucido, Olivia Marill, Henry McCloskey, Hope McCloskey, Molly McCluskey, Ainsley McPherson, Rehaan Mehrotra, Sophie Melendez, Atticus Merkin, Rory Merkin, Grace Millard, Marlowe Morgan, Eloise Muhlfeld, Zachary Niehaus, Mae Overholt, Jesse Merle Overholt, Anthony Padnos, Karolina Pasla, Sean Patton, Madelyn Pieronek, Ryder Ramirez, Sophie Ramirez, Zachary Rosenfeld, Harper Sussin, Rose Sweeney, Sabrina Thompson, Ashley Treger, Audrey Treger, Pragati Tumma, Sofia Varieschi, Colin Wamucho, Joia Welch, Owen White, Michaela Whitlow, Maximo Wright, and Coco Yamane.

The contest is now in its 41st year. Established in 1978 by NWC member Elizabeth Dorsey, the first “Art Tea” vision was an opportunity to recognize student artists from kindergarten through 12th grade. Now a longstanding tradition in Manhattan Beach, the contest aims to showcase up-and-coming artistic talent in the local community.

The Neptunian Woman’s Club, founded in 1909, is the oldest civic organization in the South Bay. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to volunteerism and the raising of funds in support of charitable, educational, cultural and civic services.

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