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'Coming Soon' Real Estate Listings Now Available in Manhattan Beach

Aug 17, 2020 10:47AM ● By Mb News Staff
A new change in real estate rules allows anyone to see home listings in advance of them coming to market - and Manhattan Beach Confidential is the first to display those listings free to the public. 

In the past if you wanted to know what home listings were "coming soon," you had to have a real estate agent scanning the field for you.

But thanks to a change in Multiple Listing Service rules, buyers can now view homes in a new "coming soon" status for up to 21 days before they hit the market. 

Currently, our sister website, the local real estate blog Manhattan Beach Confidential, is the only one to offer that new search field. None of the big "utility" websites - Zillow, or Redfin - has adapted their search functions to display that new field yet. 

'Coming Soon' as a Marketing Function

Generally speaking, a listing that is marketed now must be in the MLS system. The "Coming Soon" status was added as an option for marketing new and upcoming listings before they are ready to show.

A listing may be presented online and marketed in other ways for up to 21 days, never accumulating any "days on market" during this "coming soon" period, noted Dave Fratello, the author of Manhattan Beach Confidential and broker at Edge Real Estate Agency.

(Fratello is also the South Bay representative on the CRMLS - California Regional MLS - Rules Committee.) 

He added that there is one important and non-negotiable limitation: No showings during "coming soon."

"The 'coming soon' option is a chance for the seller to present a property, build some 'buzz' around it and finish getting it ready for showing when the time is right," said Fratello. "Some call this 'pre-marketing' before an official MLS launch, although you have to admit, it's pretty much marketing. You just can't go."

Fratello continued: "For buyers, a 'coming soon' listing might be the spark that gets you into motion, has you reach out to your agent, your lender, family and friends to say, 'I like this one. Let's try to get it.' Then, when the house is really ready, you'll be ready, too."

Get Your Own Updates from Manhattan Beach Confidential

For now, to see all of the homes in Manhattan Beach and the greater South Bay that are in "coming soon" status, you can scroll to the bottom of this Manhattan Beach Confidential blog post (the listings are constantly updated so the list remains current). 

Alternatively, you can set up your own search on Manhattan Beach Confidential. Pull down the "Price/Status" option and check the box for "Coming Soon" like this:

Alternatively, you can ask Fratello and his team to set up a search for you so that you get instant updates - for Manhattan Beach, the South Bay, or any market area - by just filling out this form. The team will start your updates right away.

For questions or to get assistance with your own search - and for all real estate needs, contact  Dave Fratello and his Edge Real Estate Agency team.

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