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Major New Pier Planned for El Porto

Apr 01, 2021 07:47AM ● By Mb News Staff
Editor's note: Thanks, everyone, for joining in the April Fool's Day fun! Scroll down to the end of this story to read some of our past April Fool's Day stories. And apologies to all who experienced spikes in blood pressure as a result of this story.

Roller coasters, restaurants, carnival games and not just a few new watering holes will be part of a new pier planned for the popular El Porto district in North Manhattan Beach.

Jutting out from the west end of Rosecrans Blvd. and wrapping north approximately 4 blocks about 100 yards offshore, the new pier will be a major tourist attraction for the city.

Dubbed “El Porto Piero” by supporters, the new pier-plex would be the “Santa Monica Pier of the South Bay,” according to advocates at the North Manhattan Beach Business Improvement District.

Indeed, the complex would be a virtual replica of the famous pier to the north, but right here at home.

Don’t worry about parking, say supporters. That’s part of the new pier, too. Cars will drive along a new extension spur from the end of Rosecrans, across the beach and out to the new pier. There will be parking for 200 vehicles (or up to 300 motorcycles) offshore on the pier, along with charging stations for electric cars.

A people mover line will also ferry guests from the sand to the new pier.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the attractions while peering out at surfers riding some of the best breaks in the South Bay. Only about 3 blocks of the surf break north of Rosecrans will be affected by the new pier.

Along with a much-anticipated new high-rise hotel at the former location of Verandas on Rosecrans, the new pier project is sure to make the North End a major attraction and revenue driver for the city of Manhattan Beach.

Developers of the long-awaited project had refused for months to confirm rumors of the pier-plex project until they received approval from the California Coastal Commission last week.

With that, after several routine public hearings in the city to rubber-stamp El Porto Piero, the project will be on track, with opening expected in 2025.

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