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Manhattan Beach Residents May Hear More Airport Noise Than Usual

Apr 22, 2021 01:22PM ● By Jeanne Fratello
Manhattan Beach residents are in close proximity of both Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Hawthorne Airport, and may thus hear aircraft noises periodically.

However, due to temporary runway changes, some Manhattan Beach residents may have been more likely to hear airport noise in the past few weeks, and may continue to hear increased noise through May 5.

Specifically, LAX's South Outboard Runway 25L/07R is closed through May 5 for runway rehabilitation. During this time, planes will instead land on the south inboard runway (25R/7L), and some aircraft operations may shift from the south to the north runway complex.

Additionally, the FAA may make changes to LAX's Over-Ocean Operations, which is a nighttime landing and takeoff pattern aimed at reducing aircraft noise.

As a reminder to residents, the resources for airport noise complaints are as follows:

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Airport Noise

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) operates a noise and aircraft monitoring system in neighboring communities. It also maintains a 24-hour Aircraft Noise Complaint Response Office that utilizes the community noise hotline to identify problems as they emerge and to inform and assist community members. To report noise complaints, call LAX’s hotline at (424) 64-NOISE (424) 646-6473, or visit the LAX Noise Management website. For information on the modernizing efforts by LAX, view their Connecting LAX page.

Additionally, residents may visit the LAX Noise Portal to learn more about LAX flight activities specific to their neighborhoods, to view informative videos, and to explore interactive reports and other features.

Hawthorne Airport Noise

Hawthorne Airport (HHR) also maintains an Aircraft Noise Complaint hotline. To report noise complaints, call Hawthorne's Airport Noise Hotline at (424) 307-1810, or email. You can also visit the City of Hawthorne Airport website for more information on Hawthorne’s airport activities or submit a noise complaint online.

Manhattan Beach's Airport Liaison

Councilmember Richard Montgomery is the Manhattan Beach City Council's appointed Airport Liaison. He may be reached via email and can further assist in addressing and forwarding community concerns to both the LAX Airport and Hawthorne Airport representatives.

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