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Mira Costa Honors Seniors at All Awards Ceremony

Jun 12, 2021 10:25AM ● By Jeanne Fratello

Mira Costa senior Audrey Lee learns that she has been named Student of the Year - and gets to see her picture in the yearbook for the first time.

Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach honored seniors this week at its annual All Awards Ceremony, held this year on video.

The ceremony culminated in the naming of Audrey Lee as Student of the Year.

The Student of the Year award is given each year to a student for outstanding achievement in academics, student activities, and citizenship. Lee, an orchestra member, robotics team member, and aspiring engineer, is headed to MIT in the fall. 

The individual award winners were as follows:

2021 National Honor Society Scholarship
Naina Dhawan, Zachary Zawacki, Jack Cooperman

ASB Leadership Award
Emma Clarke (Leadership), Cia Conley (Service)

English Department Awards
Katrina Boren, Natalie Collicutt, Audrey Lee, Brynn Levin, Andrew Liu, Kate Ramallo
Creative Writing Award Winner - Isabella Edwards

Friendship Circle Awards
Joe Newman and Dylan Wyse

Foreign Lanugage Department Awards
ASL - John Rodriguez, Grayson Spyker
Mandarin - Lauren Chiu, Michelle Toyooka
Spanish - Kieran Malik, Brynn Shapiro, Juliae Shoda, Gabriella Fish, Katrina Wianecki, Jacob Tan, Veronica Fish
French - Emma Custer

Hoofprints (Yearbook) Awards
Natalie Collicutt, Bianca Laurita, Sarah Matsuoka

LaVista (Newspaper) Awards
Lauren Mittleman, Clare Beezhold

Learning Center Awards
Elizabeth Krause, Priscilla Loiola, Sean El Faye, Drake Johoske, Slater Heidrich, Cia Conley, Billy Storer, Melanie Poon, Aidan Esposito, Will Rembert, Ainsley Power, Meigan Jackson, Matthew Robinson, Connor Joseph, Ayden Martinez.

Link Crew Awards
Abigayle Allen, Lydia Johnson, Dylan Wyse, Parker Armstrong, Lauren Mittleman

Deaf Education Awards
Rita Hernandez, John Rodriguez, Gabe Ramos

Math Department Awards
Mia Cho, Samantha Lowry, Piper Stevens, Kevyn Clark, Conner Danskin, Fiona Okida, Anthony Saliba, Andrew Liu, Katie Katsuyama, Karina Parikh, Victoria DaSilva, Atra Shahryari

Science Department Awards
Biological: Nicole Sevaston, Brandon Bui
Biotechnology: Kaila Bush
AP Environmental: Madison Jordan
AP Chemistry: Vikram Arora, Jack Crawford
Astrophysics: August Thompson
Honors Earth Science: Cassidy George
AP Physics: Thomas Gerken, Andrew Liu

Social Science Department Awards
Parth Badhwar (Achievement), Cassidy George (Service)

Visual and Performing Arts Awards
Broadcast Journalism: Matthew Cullen (Achievement), Tolou Shams (Service)
Cinematic Arts: Myles Gaffney (Achievement)
Band: Parth Badhwar, Neal Jha (Achievement and Service)
Choir: Paige Pickett (Achievement), Samantha Gentille (Service)
Drama: Gabriella Papera (Achievement), Reese Martin (Service)
Orchestra: Daichi Horiguchi, Audrey Lee (Achievement and Service)
Technical Theater: Brooke Erickson (Achievement), Abby Taylor (Service)

Art: Amelia McRae (Achievement), Michelle Rembert (Service)
Ceramics: Keaton McHale (Achievement)
Photography: Theresa Laib (Achievement), Natalee Park (Service)
National Art Honors Society: Elizabeth Terry

Technology and Engineering Awards
Computer Science: Thomas Gerken, Victor Liu (Achievement); Maiken Pardon, Grace Lu (Service)
Engineering: Audrey Lee (Achievement), Ole Jo Legvold (Service)

Female Athlete of the Year
Dalia Frias

Male Athlete of the Year
Thomas Southey

Sandacre Scholarship Fund Teachers of the Year
Bill Fauver, Shannon Vaughan, Jamison Hughes

Student of the Year
Finalists: Natalie Collicutt, Audrey Lee, Nicolas Lee, Andrew Lui, Kieran Malik
Winner: Audrey Lee

University Book Awards
The awards ceremony also recognized juniors who were recipients of the University Book Awards. Those awards are given each year to high school juniors with outstanding academic achievements, as recognized by alumni associations of individual colleges and universities.

Award recipients included: Brown University, Jillian Dela Barre; Dartmouth College, Xavier Dargan; Johns Hopkins University, Hannah Gedion; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Jake Stall; University of Pennsylvania, Isamar Zhu; University of Virginia, Kimiya Torabi; Wellesley College, Hannah Gedion; and Tulane University, Shannon Farrell. 

From the University of Rochester, Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award: Ben Hant; Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award, Alex Jeffords; the Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology, Joah Lee; and the George Eastman Young Leaders Award, Natalie Lynch.

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