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Be A Mentor at P.S. I Love You's Day at the Beach

Sep 02, 2021 07:50AM ● By Patricia Jones
What if one of the best days of your life was spent with someone you never met before? You could be one of 300 kindhearted, caring adult mentors to share a day with a child from an underserved community, forming the beginning of a positive, healthy, and happy relationship.

The P.S. I Love You Foundation’s 20th Annual Day At The Beach, Adopt a Child for One
Day, will be held on the sand in Manhattan Beach on Saturday, September 18, from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

This event unites youth from diverse demographics from Compton, Watts, Hawthorne, Gardena, San Pedro, and Long Beach. Though it’s a short day, mentors have made many incredible connections and emotional ties that can last a lifetime.

Right now we are in need of 100 more caring adult mentors to register. The outpouring of youth groups that want their children to attend this year is overwhelming. We believe that this event can become one of the steps in the healing process to overcome the isolation and anxiety of COVID.

Please join us to give your time and love to a child in need. All it takes is healthy human
connection to bring the Hope and Trust children need to feel important and inspired.

A Memorable Day at the Beach

The “Adopt A Child for One Day” community event is designed to give underserved children
a memorable day filled with one-on-one attention and care.

Adult mentors, who also bring their own children or loved ones, should be prepared to be in the water with their mentee, ride boogie boards, get their faces painted, eat pizza, and experience the funniest two-legged mentor/mentee race ever seen.

Although there may be some uncertainty at the start of the day and maybe even feelings of mistrust and anxiety being matched with someone you have never met before, within 15 minutes the mentor and mentee bond. This starts shaping a beautiful day filled with purpose, energetic conversations, patience, love, laughter. healthy interaction and lots of smiling faces.

The mentees bring as much happiness to the adults and the mentors give to the at-risk youth. It’s truly an amazing day…and as many youths say, “the Best Day Of My Life.”

The P.S. I Love You Foundation

The P.S. I Love You Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit founded in 1998 and reaching 650 to 1,200 at-risk youth annually, is dedicated to the development implementation of effective Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs and community outreach events.

The foundation's flagship event, the Day at the Beach, aspires to bring the human connection so many of us need to start the healing process from the past year... and to heal the built-up feelings of isolation, loneliness, worldly injustices, and anxiety. Day At The Beach aims to inspire youth and adults alike by exposing them to positive community activities and healthy experiences that lead to visions of trust, inclusion, respect, hope and love for self, others and the world around them.

The Day at the Beach event is made possible by its generous first sponsors, TechStyle Fashion Group, The Water Buffalo Club, South Bay Lexus, Fresh Brothers Pizza and CDC Small Business.

Patricia Jones is the founder of the P.S. I Love You Foundation. She launched the foundation in 1998 in an effort to bring compassion and empathy and to make a difference in the lives of others in need.

DigMB Editor is traveling in Italy for her food blog Jolly Tomato. Manhattan Beach guest columnists will be filling in for her until she returns.

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