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Manhattan Beach Voted 62 Percent 'No' on Recall

Sep 17, 2021 01:31PM ● By Mb News Staff
Manhattan Beach voters turned down the gubernatorial recall effort this week, on a vote of 62 to 38 percent. The overall vote mirrored that of how California voted.

Statewide, the attempt to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom this week failed, with nearly 64% of all voters statewide saying "no" on the recall question. (As of Friday, it was 63.6%.)

In Manhattan Beach, a very similar proportion of voters took the same positions as voters statewide, with 62% of voters saying "no" to the recall. 

Statewide, a remarkable 45% of voters declined to make a choice on the recall ballot's second question, where voters were given a choice among 46 candidates to replace Newsom. Had the recall passed, the top vote-getter among the Question 2 options would have become governor.

In Manhattan Beach, a similar 40% of voters skipped Question 2. 

Among the candidates receiving votes on Q2, radio talk show host Larry Elder got the most votes in Manhattan Beach, exactly as he had statewide. He received 4,399 votes, or 49.1% of all votes locally among those who made a selection, and 29.3% when counted as a percentage of all voters casting ballots in the election. Once again, these proportions were very close to Elder's statewide totals. 

Republican Kevin Faulconer, the former mayor of San Diego, notably out-performed his statewide average in Manhattan Beach. While Faulconer received 8.5% of the votes of those casting a ballot on Q2 statewide; in Manhattan Beach, he more than doubled that total at 17.3%. When weighted as a share of all votes cast in the recall election, Faulconer's total in Manhattan Beach was at 10.4%.

Democratic-leaning voters, who appear to have largely skipped Q2, did give about 10% total support on Q2 to the top 3 candidates with Democratic Party affiliations listed on the ballot. Another 10% of Q2 votes were spread among 41 other candidates.

State and local vote totals will continue to be updated over the next 35 days. Conventional wisdom appears to be that late-arriving and late-counted ballots may be more likely to lean in favor of the recall and the leading replacement candidates.

As of Wednesday morning, the recall election voter turnout in Manhattan Beach was counted at 55.75% of all registered voters.

And for context, looking back to the presidential election in November, Manhattan Beach voted 68% in favor of Biden.

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