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Manhattan Beach Artists To Host Show at Resin Gallery

Sep 24, 2021 05:31PM ● By Mb News Staff
Three Manhattan Beach artists will exhibit their work at Resin Gallery on Saturday evening - the gallery's first small group show in more than 18 months. 

The art show, called In The Moment, will feature the work of Sabrina Armitage, Diana Flynn and Janet Soliman - all South Bay Artist Collective Members.

The show will run from 5:00 to 9:00 at Resin Gallery, 618 Cypress Ave. in Hermosa Beach.

All are invited to join these artists and the larger South Bay creative community for a night out with art, music, snacks and drinks. Masks are required indoors (when not eating or drinking).

Admission is free and families are welcome. Space is limited; registration is required. To register, visit

In the Moment  Exhibit

While these artists acknowledge the recent past and have hope for what comes next, in this exhibit, they explore being In The Moment

Using oil, acrylic, paper, wax and fabric as primary tools for communicating their visions, each of these artists individually explores stillness, balance and transition as expressed through color, movement, space, texture and pattern.

Beauty from the beach and the varied scenery in Los Angeles are also inspirational and featured or interwoven into their work.

Sabrina Armitage creates her art through encaustic painting (pigmented beeswax and resin). Themes of resilience and adaptability weave through her work reflecting her background and desire to unfold the layers that reveal the inner landscape.

Diana Flynn's signature technique is hand-painting, tearing, and reassembling fabric pieces.
Her more recent acrylic and mixed media work has a more restrained color palette and relies on the use of layering materials and surface mediums in the pursuit of equilibrium.

Janet Soliman specializes in modern oceanscapes, landscapes and abstracts. Her love of nature, especially the transient, ephemeral nature of clouds and water has greatly influenced her work, and many of her abstracts reflect natural forms and environmental ecosystems.

To view their individual artwork, visit Sabrina ArmitageDiana Flynn Designs, and Janet Soliman Fine Art.

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