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Help Sandpipers Assist Local Families with Holiday Gift Baskets

Nov 12, 2021 08:54PM ● By Jeanne Fratello

Photo via Sandpipers

If you're looking for an impactful way to help South Bay families in need this season, the Sandpipers might just have the perfect opportunity for you. 

The Sandpipers are celebrating the 90th year of their Holiday Baskets program. This year, they are preparing to distribute basic necessities and gifts to more than 100 families and nearly 250 children in need in the South Bay on December 11.

As they collect items for the holiday baskets, the Sandpipers are accepting donations in any amount. Those who wish to donate can either donate money directly here, or buy items off the Sandpipers' Target wish list here. (All items purchased from Target will be delivered to the Sandpipers' gift basket storage facility. The deadline to meet the shipping deadline for Target items is November 26.)

For general guidance on monetary donations: 
$1,000 (Family Sponsor) provides essential items needed for one family;
$250 (Child Sponsor) provides toys, clothing, and essential personal items for one child;
$100 (Food Sponsor) provides food for a family
$50 (Book Sponsor) provides books for multiple children
$25 (Toy Sponsor) Provides a toy on a child’s wish list

The families assisted by this program are identified by Sandpipers' partner social service agencies and have experienced personal traumas or financial crises in the past year. Many of the families have been impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.

Baskets Contain More than $900 Worth of Goods

All told, each holiday basket will have an average value of over $900. The baskets will contain basic household goods, grocery scrip, clothing, shoe gift certificates for the children, bedding, towels, personal hygiene items, and toys and gifts provided by sponsors.

Additionally, each child under 18 years old will receive $75 worth of items from their holiday wish lists.

The gift baskets will be distributed at the Torrance-South Bay YMCA on Saturday, December 11. 

On the distribution day, Sandpipers will gather at the YMCA to "shop" for their assigned family from among the items that have been donated and purchased by community and corporate sponsors.

Additionally, community partners such as the Manhattan Beach Rotary Club, Manhattan Beach Amigos, Mira Costa High Interact Club, and Sandpiper Juniors will join in to help the volunteers  choose gifts and load their cars.

Holiday Baskets Program Nearly 100 Years Old

The Holiday Baskets program is the founding program of Sandpipers and has grown considerably over the years.

The program began almost a century ago when the Sandpipers' founding members decided to make their mark on the South Bay community with a contribution of important household goods and toys for families in need. (The historical photo at left is from an early Sandpipers Holiday Baskets drive.)

Sandpipers is a 100% volunteer organization celebrating 90 years of service. It is dedicated to serving the needs of the South Bay community through charitable and philanthropic programs such as back to school shopping, college scholarships, community service, and the holiday baskets.

In 2020-2021, Sandpipers contributed more than $600,000 and thousands of community service hours to individuals and local non-profits in need. For more information, see

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