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Neptunian Woman's Club Announces Manhattan Beach Art Winners

Mar 29, 2022 07:34AM ● By Jeanne Fratello
The Neptunian Woman's Club has announced the Manhattan Beach students who are winners of its 42nd annual art and photography show.

Participating schools from the contest included Mira Costa High School, Manhattan Beach MIddle School, American Martyrs School, Grand View Elementary, Manhattan Academy, Meadows Elementary, Pacific Elementary, Pennekamp Elementary, and Robinson Elementary.

Cash awards were given to the top prize winners.

In addition, the club was able to award one special prize this year. Photography winner Luke Langton will get a media pass to one day of the BeachLife Festival this year, courtesy of judge JP Cordero, who is director of video and media for the festival.

The judges' panel included JP Cordero, Matthew Welch, Shane O'Donnell, Drica Lobo, Holly Socrates, Teresa White and Art Show Chair, Heather de Roos.

Volunteers included Artist Kathy Bauer, Martha Logan, Robin Kirk, Michelle Erickson, Laura Shea, Teresa White, Bill White, Larry Zimbalist, and Heather de Roos.

Established in 1978 by NWC member Elizabeth Dorsey, the first “Art Tea” vision was an opportunity to recognize student artists from kindergarten through 12th grade. Now a longstanding tradition in Manhattan Beach, the art contest aims to showcase up-and-coming artistic talent in the local community.

The Neptunian Woman’s Club, founded in 1909, is the oldest civic organization in the South Bay. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to volunteerism and the raising of funds in support of charitable, educational, cultural and civic services.

The lists of art winners, photography winners, and runners up are below:

Art Winners

1st: Evy Garay, Grand View
2nd: Zoe Gonzalez, Manhattan Academy
3rd: Evy Garay, Grand View

1st Grade
1st: Ethan Kong, Pacific
2nd: Ethan Kong, Pacific
3rd: Ellie Fogaren, Pacific

2nd Grade
1st: Georgina Grey, Grand View
2nd: Max Godard, Meadows
3rd: Max Godard, Meadows

3rd Grade
1st: Jenna Dubovsky, Robinson
2nd: Emma Fogaren, Pacific
3rd: Ellysa Wang, Meadows

4th Grade
1st: Blake Bohl, Grand View
2nd: Nicholas Cokonis, Manhattan Academy
3rd: Marlowe Morgan, Robinson

5th Grade
1st: Carter Nickell, American Martyrs
2nd: Harper Forbes, Pacific
3rd: River Salinas O'Neal, Manhattan Academy

6th Grade
1st: Mia Garay, MBMS
2nd: Emma Hurlburt, MBMS
3rd: Shelby Larson, American Martyrs

7th Grade
1st: Katelyn Husson, MBMS
2nd: Camila Faccini, MBMS

8th Grade
1st: Ashley Huebner, American Martyrs
2nd: Cianna Barriger, MBMS
3rd: Garrick Buholzer, MBMS

9th Grade
1st: Chloe Kim, MCHS
2nd: Delaney Levin, MCHS
3rd: Stella Traylor, MCHS

10th Grade
1st: Ilana Buholzer, MCHS
2nd: Ilana Buholzer, MCHS

11th Grade
1st: Rachel Brody, MCHS
2nd: Rachel Brody, MCHS

12th Grade
1st: Malia Kowal, MCHS
2nd: Ryan Roberts, MCHS
3rd: Malia Kowal, MCHS

Photography Winners

6th Grade
1st Place: Emma Hurlburt, MBMS

7th Grade
1st Place: Wilson Ryan, MBMS
2nd Place: Jack Rogers, American Martyrs
3rd Place: Wilson Ryan, MBMS

8th Grade
1st Place: Catherine Curry, MBMS
2nd Place: Maxwell Pieronek, American Martyrs
3rd Place: Hudson Hrynelwicz, American Martyrs

9th Grade
1st Place: Caitlin Haley, MCHS
2nd Place: Bryce Nicholson, MCHS
3rd Place: Caitlin Haley, MCSH

10th Grade
1st Place: Jennalee Leopard, MCHS
2nd Place: Jennalee Leopard, MCHS

11th Grade
1st Place: Luke Langton, MCHS
2nd Place: Avanthi Pillan, Other
3rd Place: Avanthi Pillan, Other

Honorable Mention

Asher Abraham
Jack Andrews
Otis Arthur Gray
Jordyn Bak
Avery Batchelder
Molly Baudendistel
Paxton Busch
Kira Chang
Anna Chittenden
Aaron Alexander Cross
Audrey Durand
Dane Eckert
Sydney Feierstein
Nathaniel Fong
Vincent Fong
Catalina Godard
Mila Grayver
Orson Grey
Anneliese Grubbs
Delaney Grubbs
Gianna Gutto
Aria Kavthekar
Bryce Kessler
Sophia Kong
Mark Kuhtreiber
Oliver Kuhtreiber
Szofia Kuhtreiber
Charlie Kwon
Ava Larson
Madelyn Li
Eda Lilley
Sienna Lohrey
Isabella Lui
Paige Lupton
Emilia Malis
McKenna Mann
Zayaan Mehrotra
Grace Millard
Juliette Mungcal
Elizabeth Nochez
Naksh Parmar
Ryder Ramirez
Sophie Ramirez
Madison Scott
Aleah SHamji
Kaitlyn Tran
Lauren Tran
Miki Uchida
Lincoln Wang
Danica Westerberg
Grace Wilker
Piper Yamane
Abigail Yang
Penny Yang

All photos courtesy of Neptunian Woman's Club.

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