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Join the Right Tribe Holiday Treasure Hunt

Dec 25, 2022 08:14PM ● By Jeanne Fratello

Images of some of the treasures hidden by Right Tribe of Manhattan Beach during a past scavenger hunt.

The holiday fun is not over yet: Right Tribe is holding another one of its famous "treasure hunts" on December 26 starting at noon.

The fun-loving duo of Lauren Kolodny and Johnny Flanagan, owners of Right Tribe, will hide a variety of crystals, gems, vintage ceramic animals, and maybe even a plant for the scavenger hunt.

The treasures will appear in special spots across the South Bay, from Palos Verdes to Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and El Segundo. 

For each item hidden, Right Tribe will post a video on their Right Tribe Instagram feed. Each video shows the item being tucked away...and then the camera pans up to offer a brief glimpse of the surroundings, usually a recognizable landmark.

When someone finds an item, they send a photo or video to Right Tribe and the object gets marked as "found."

"Johnny loves hiding treasures so much," Kolodny told MB News after the New Year's Day scavenger hunt in early 2022. "He grew up doing treasure hunts on Christmas and wanted to start a fun new tradition for our customers and followers on Instagram."

"It is a lot of work but it is the most rewarding when we get videos of the find, or comments from people letting us know how much fun they had, even if they did not find a treasure," Kolodny continued. "One mom told us that she loved the bonding time she had with her son. She said, 'We didn't find anything but we had a blast! Thank you for creating those moments.'"

Creating Unique Experiences

Right Tribe features a one-of-a-kind collection of curated gifts and collectibles, geodes and crystals, and handmade leather goods. While the gallery is tucked away in a small space on Center Place (behind Splendid), visitors are often lured in by a wildly decorated bike that sits across the street at the parking garage.

Right Tribe is also known for creating unique and entertaining experiences in its shop. Since moving to Manhattan Beach in 2016, they have earned fans for their geode-cracking parties and (pre-pandemic) "free pie" days on Sundays with freshly baked pies.

Right Tribe is located at 328 Center Place in Manhattan Beach. For scavenger hunt updates, follow the shop on Instagram at @RightTribe

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