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El Porto Vehicle Burglary Suspects Arrested

Dec 28, 2022 08:37AM ● By Mb News Staff
Suspects in an El Porto vehicle burglary were nabbed and arrested last week, the Manhattan Beach Police Department has announced.

On December 10, the MBPD was made aware of a vehicle burglary that occurred in the El Porto parking lot.

Officers were able to obtain surveillance video of that burglary. The video and investigative efforts led to the identification of two adult male suspects and their respective vehicles.

On December 20, at approximately 10:00 a.m., MBPD Detectives observed the two identified suspects enter the El Porto parking lot in separate vehicles. Both suspects were detained by MBPD detectives as they attempted to exit the El Porto lot and they were subsequently arrested for burglary-related charges.

The suspects have bonded out of custody, and the case will be presented to the Los Angeles County Districts Attorney’s Office, said the MBPD in a statement.

"Surfer Burgs" Plague El Porto

Vehicle burglaries occurring in the El Porto area are referred to as “Surfer Burgs” because the victims, typically surfers, “hide” their vehicle key in or around their vehicle, or place their key into a lock box affixed to their vehicle prior to heading into the water to surf.

While the victims are gone, suspect(s) who have been watching where surfers hide the key will retrieve it, and unlock and enter the victim’s vehicle. The suspects steal the victim’s belongings including their cellular phone and wallet. The suspect(s) then access the victim’s cellular phone, search for personal information, and then use the victim’s credit cards to make high-end purchases at retail establishments. 

The average victim suffers a loss of approximately $30,000, with some victims experiencing a loss of over $100,000, according to MBPD.

MBPD holds an outreach effort at El Porto parking lot in November 2021.


In November 2021, MBPD held a safety outreach program at El Porto parking lot. 

At the time, MBPD Captain Christian Eichenlaub told MB News that safer options available for stowing your keys include waterproof cases that can be taken into the water, or lockbox-type devices similar to what real estate agents use to keep keys safe.

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