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Yes, Polliwog Park Floods - And It's A Good Thing

Jan 06, 2023 08:58AM ● By Jeanne Fratello
The persistent rain has flooded Polliwog Park - and it's intentional. 

The pond at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach serves as a retention basin for Los Angeles County and is designed to store storm water during heavy rains. 

According to the city of Manhattan Beach, L.A. County regulates the amount of water that flows through a pump station at the park, based on the capacity of the storm water system at that time.

In times of significant rainfall, the pond can store the water until it’s able to enter the system without overwhelming it. 

Visitors to the park during or after rainy days are likely to see the pond lapping up to the edge of the would-be playground (the playground is currently under construction) and even semi-submerging the concrete benches.

It's all part of the plan, however; and as the rain subsides, the pond will return to its normal depth.

What's Happening in the Pond?

According to the city, Polliwog Park is fed by storm drains serving the area north of the park and a large drainage area essentially to the south and east of the park.

To the southeast corner of the pond, there is a county storm water pump station that provides the only outlet for the pond.

The pump station has two pumps that when combined are capable of pumping up to 8,300 gallons per minute. Both of these pumps are controlled automatically by a float switch. The first pump comes on when the water surface in the pond rises approximately two feet. The second pump comes in the event that the water surface of the pond rises to a point four feet above the original pond surface.

As a reminder, swimming is not allowed in the pond at Polliwog Park.

Furthermore, visitors are asked to leave the wild birds, turtles, and fish alone - including not feeding them - and of course, never to dump or take creatures from the pond.

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