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Manhattan Beach Crime Report: Service Calls, Arrests Up in July

Aug 22, 2023 07:17PM ● By Mb News Staff

Police nab a thief attempting to steal a car in Manhattan Beach in July. Photo via MBPD.

Calls for service and arrests were up in July - not surprising, given that summer months are usually busy with police activity -  according to the Manhattan Beach Police Department's monthly crime report.

For the month of July, there were 3,765 calls for service and 77 arrests, according to MBPD. That compares with 3,313 calls for service during the month of June with a total of 68 arrests; 3,082 calls for service in May with 66 arrests; and 2,942 calls for service in April with 57 arrests.

Decreases seen in the month of July, in contrast to June, were instances of assaults (a total of 9, down 4 from June), sexual offenses (zero, down 1 from June), and vehicular burglaries (22, down 5 from June). 

Conversely, reports of criminal activities that increased included auto theft (9, up 2 from June), commercial burglary (3, up 2 from June), residential burglary (6, up 2 from June), and larceny (70, up 17 from June). Larceny includes shoplifting, pick-pocketing, purse snatching, and bicycle and package theft.

The frequency of robberies remained consistent with that of June, maintaining a steady count of 4 incidents each month. There were zero reports of arson or homicide.

Most Common Property Crimes in Manhattan Beach

Organized Retail Theft (ORT) remains the most common property crime in Manhattan Beach. ORT is defined as two or more people who conspire to steal retail merchandise with the intention of reselling products at a profit. Gangs and organized criminal enterprises sell stolen merchandise on anonymous online retail stores. Online marketplaces facilitate an anonymous, large-scale, and fast-paced movement of merchandise.

MBPD recommends that customers of any business establishment always be cognizant of their surroundings. If you witness subjects placing an inexplicable amount of similar items in a shopping cart, reusable bag, duffle bag, or garbage bag: Commit to memory a description, walk away expeditiously, and notify an employee at the front of the store.

Vehicular burglary is the second most common crime in the city. In July, there were 22 reported thefts (down from 27 in June). Thirteen of those vehicular burglaries involved unlocked vehicles and/or valuables left in plain sight. Seven involved stolen catalytic converters. Police recommend consistently locking vehicles and removing valuables from plain sight.

E-bike/bicycle thefts were third on the list of most common crimes. There were 10 confirmed e-bike/bicycle thefts in July (down from 11 in June).

Distraction thefts continue to be on the rise throughout the South Bay; there were three reported cases in July. MBPD reports that these crimes are being seen in the Rosecrans corridor and at the mall. This crime relies on the victim's willingness to assist someone in alleged distress. As one criminal distracts the victim, another steals valuables either from a shopping cart or from the victim's car.

Notable arrests for the month of July include one suspect involved in a kidnapping and robbery on Rosecrans Avenue who was identified by MBPD and arrested by a partner agency outside of California.

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