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Supporters File Ballot Argument for Renewal of Parcel Tax

Dec 21, 2023 08:26AM ● By Mb News Staff
The Committee for the Renewal of Measure MB – Yes on MB - has filed its ballot argument in support of a local parcel tax renewal set to appear on the March 5, 2024 ballot. 

A YES vote on Measure MB would extend the current parcel tax at the current fixed rate of $225 per parcel for six additional years to benefit Manhattan Beach public schools. 

The original Measure MB, a locally controlled funding source for Manhattan Beach schools, was passed in 2018 with 68.32 percent of the vote. The funding generated by Measure MB has yielded approximately $2.5 million per year, sustaining more than 20 teaching and staff positions, as well as essential programs. The parcel tax will automatically expire in June 2024.

The new Measure MB ballot argument, submitted on December 14, calls for the renewal of the parcel tax, highlighting its impact on preserving quality education, retaining highly-qualified teachers, and supporting the educational experience for students in Manhattan Beach. The passage threshold for this ballot measure is ⅔ or 66.7% of the vote.

Measure MB currently provides for an exemption for homeowners ages 65 and over. That exemption will renew automatically with the measure.

Ballot Argument Garners Broad Support

The measure and ballot argument is supported by a broad coalition of community leaders, including:
  • Manhattan Beach Mayor Pro Tem Joe Franklin, a 38-year Manhattan Beach resident;
  • Tiffany Barbara, a 20-year Manhattan Beach resident, MBUSD parent, and Certified Trust & Fiduciary Advisor;
  • Karen Komatinsky, former MBUSD school board member;
  • David Lesser, current Manhattan Beach City Council member;
  • Tracey Windes, 38-year Manhattan Beach resident, former MBEF president, and former MBUSD school board member; and co-founder of the PTA Capitol Convoy.
"We are honored to have such esteemed individuals supporting the renewal of Measure
MB," said Nathalie Rosen, co-chair of the Committee for the Renewal of Measure MB – Yes on
MB, in a statement. "Their commitment to our community's educational excellence is exemplary, and their endorsements strengthen our cause."

"Our local public schools do so much more than just educate our children and grandchildren," said committee co-chair Tyler Morant. "They improve all of our lives by helping us to develop lasting, genuine friendships with our neighbors. Renewing Measure MB is one step we can take to continue the locally-controlled funding we need to preserve the top ranked schools in our community.”

“The 2018 passage of Measure MB has armed our schools with the ability to retain our teacher population and maintain manageable class sizes. We hope our community will continue to support our schools by renewing Measure MB,” said former school board member and ballot argument signer Karen Komatinsky. “The goal of the campaign now is to encourage the community to show their continued support at the ballot box.”

An effort known as Measure A - to renew and raise the parcel tax to $1,095 per year per parcel over 12 years, with increases for inflation - failed in 2022, with approximately 69 percent voting "no."

More information on Measure MB is available at

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