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See the Highest-Priced Homes Sold in 2023 in Manhattan Beach

Jan 23, 2024 11:57AM ● By Mb News Staff
A lot of the talk about local real estate in 2023 was about the challenges in the market.

But the year also saw plenty of impressive, high-dollar sales. 

MBConfidential, MB News's sister publication, is rolling out the annual list of top sales, district by district within Manhattan Beach. The first two posts are available now, covering the Sand Section and the Tree Section.

MBC's guides help you to see the diversity and luxury of higher-end homes all around town, as well as getting a sense for the prices. 

While many people think of the Tree Section as a comfortable, low-key suburban neighborhood, it's also where new price records keep getting set. This year, one American Martyrs-area home sold for $10.775M, and it wasn't even the only house those buyers purchased. (They also grabbed a neighboring property.) 

The price for 604 14th represented a new record, beating last year's record-setter by $75K, according to Dave Fratello, MBC author and local broker with Edge Real Estate Agency.

The year's top sale by the beach was actually sold off-market, after some time on-market. 1408 The Strand closed for $16.750M in March 2023. The top on-market sale was actually an incomplete remodel – abandoned midstream – also on The Strand at 3100 The Strand ($14.500M in August 2023).

To prevent Martys-area and Strand homes from taking all of the top slots, MBC breaks down the major areas of Manhattan Beach into separate "divisions," helping you to see a greater diversity of top-selling homes. There are 11 homes featured in the Sand Section, and 15 in the Tree Section.  

See the full posts for the Tree Section and the Sand Section

MBC promises to unveil more posts with high sales in the Hill Section and East Manhattan, before transitioning to show some of the lowest sales of the year by area.

Manhattan Beach's Most Complete Real Estate Resource

MBConfidential offers the most detailed resource available for Manhattan Beach real estate data.

For the latest pending/sold reports and massive amounts of additional local real estate data, visit MB Confidential's data page. For an up-to-the-minute scorecard on new listings, new escrows, new closed deals, and new price cuts, visit the Manhattan Beach Confidential Dashboard.

Additionally, for more insights into the market, to inquire about buying or selling properties, or to learn more about off-market inventory, contact MB Confidential author and Edge Real Estate Agency broker Dave Fratello by email, or call (310) 243-6299.

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