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Young Manhattan Beach Artists Honored

Mar 17, 2024 06:35PM ● By Jeanne Fratello
The Neptunian Woman's Club's 44th Annual Art & Photography Show showcased and honored the work of more than 100 local student artists on Sunday.

Students, parents, teachers, and community members mingled and enjoyed refreshments at the clubhouse as they admired a total of 209 art and photography works by students.

(Neptunian Woman's Club art chair Heather de Roos presents awards to elementary school students.)

Established in 1978 by Neptunian Woman's Club member Elizabeth Dorsey, the first “Art Tea” vision was an opportunity to recognize student artists from kindergarten through 12th grade. Now a longstanding tradition in Manhattan Beach, the art contest aims to showcase up-and-coming artistic talent in the local community. The contest is unique among many local art contests because it offers cash prizes for the top winners.

This year's judges included professional artists Chip Herwegh, Kimie Joe, Eileen Oda Leaf, Jacquelyne May, Kerry Stitt, and Missy Wuertz.

Winners in each category included: 

Art Winners

1st Place: Jackson Hoffman, Pennekamp
2nd Place: Lila Ren, Manhattan Academy
3rd Place: Adelaide Schmale, Grand View

1st Grade: 
1st Place: Emerson Kolodinsky, Pennekamp
2nd Place: Eve Joyce, Pacific
3rd Place: Asher Spyra, Pennekamp

2nd Grade: 
1st Place: Matilda Block, American Martyrs
2nd Place: Valentin Buerba, American Martyrs
3rd Place: Roya Murtaza, Manhattan Academy

3rd Grade: 
1st Place: Ellie Fogaren, Pacific
2nd Place: Georgina Grey, Grand View
3rd Place: Maggie Xie, Pacific

4th Grade: 
1st Place: Grace Millard, American Martyrs
2nd Place: Piper Yamane, Manhattan Academy
3rd Place: Isla Joyce, Pacific

5th Grade: 
1st Place: Auden Lui, Meadows
2nd Place: Mika Benyehuda, Pennekamp
3rd Place: Aliison Decko, Pennekamp

(Elementary school art winners)

6th Grade:
1st Place: Blake Bohl, MBMS
2nd Place: Myra Matai, MBMS
3rd Place: Marlowe Morgan, MBMS

7th Grade: 
1st Place: Melody Block, MBMS
2nd Place: Isabella Lui, MBMS
3rd Place: Harper Forbes, MBMS

8th Grade: 
1st Place: Allison Ho, MBMS
2nd Place: Akash Patel, MBMS
3rd Place: Stella Mokhtari, MBMS

9th Grade: 
1st Place: Malia Miller, MBMS

10th Grade: 
1st Place: Emilia Malis, Mira Costa
2nd Place: Nate Jacobs, Mira Costa
3rd Place: Delany Levin, Mira Costa

11th Grade:
1st Place: Mari MacArthur, Mira Costa
2nd Place: Darby Roath, Mira Costa
3rd Place: Tessa Yi, Mira Costa

12th Grade: 
1st Place: Illana Buholzer, Mira Costa
2nd Place: Illana Buholzer, Mira Costa

(Middle and high school art and photography winners)

Photography Winners

6th Grade: 
1st Place: Shailen Patel, MBMS
2nd Place: Sophia Bollinger, MBMS
3rd Place: Marlowe Morgan, MBMS

7th Grade: 
1st Place: Sophie Ramirez, MBMS
2nd Place: Sophie Ramirez, MBMS

8th Grade:
1st Place: Jordyn Jacobson, MBMS
2nd Place: Adrianna Napolitano, American Martyrs
3rd Place: Sophia Kong

9th Grade: 
1st Place: Lily Jina, Mira Costa
2nd Place: Logan Hamalainen

10th Grade: 
1st Place: Madison Hirschberg
2nd Place: Noki Lam, Mira Costa
3rd Place: Catherine Curry, Mira Costa

11th Grade:
1st Place: Daniel Greenberg, Mira Costa
2nd Place: Bryce Nicholson, Mira Costa
3rd Place: Bryce Kessler, Mira Costa

Honorable Mention

Asher Abraham
Naomi Abraham
Amara Acharya
Julia Allyn
Charlee CJ Anderson
Carter Baker
Hadley Baker
Avery Batchelder
Maddox Bell
Dylan Black
Samantha Bollinger
Garrick Buholzer
Thomas Callaway
Nathan Champagne
Brooklyn Chan
Nate Chang
Xavier Chang
Zach Chang
Theo Cheng
Margaux Chon
Presley Cohen
Ivy Dang
Isla Dang
Black Diamond
Jolie Diep
Samantha Ehrlich-Fein
Alex Elis
Layla Ellis
Emma Fogaren
McKenzie Fong
Reagan Fusco
Evy Garay
Mia Garay
Angus Gatewood
Juliet Georgeson
Nicolas Gomez
Orson Grey
Gianna Gutto
Cate Haley
Emma Hurlbert
Dylan Israeli
Jackson Israeli
Siena Johnson
Ava Kelley
Grace Kelley
Paisley Kitsch
Ethan Kong
Penelope Konwiser
Zach Kwon
Noki Lam
Ava Larson
Shelby Larson
Constance Lee
Samantha Lee
Irene Liley
Amelia Litke
Addy Lydon
Alana Mahan
Mckenna Mann
London Marcus
Aly Marian
Isabella Mazzocco
Elise Murphy
Julia Murphy
Megan Nochez
Elizabeth Nochez
Naksh Parmar
Makaila Reese
Karina Salcedo
Layla Salcedo
Niko Salcedo
Madison Scott
Tyler Sheehan
Sydney Shieh
Blake Stephenson
Stella Stergar
Paul Storey
Donovan Tucker
Danny Unatin
Josh Unatin
Flura Uslaner
Emma Vold
Madeline Wan
Leighton Winn
Aly Xie
Nathaniel Xie
Abigail Yang
Sophie Zhu

The Neptunian Woman’s Club, founded in 1909, is the oldest civic organization in the South Bay. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to volunteerism and the raising of funds in support of charitable, educational, cultural and civic services.

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