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Election 2022: Friday Vote Count Update for Manhattan Beach

Nov 11, 2022 04:56PM ● By Mb News Staff
Los Angeles county issued new updated vote counts for Manhattan Beach shortly after 4PM on Friday. 

The new count adds 1,256 total votes to the count on both sides of Measure MB, the single race with the most total votes, 11,708.

That figure represents 44.46% of all registered voters in  Manhattan Beach. Vote counting continues through early December, with updates expected each Tuesday and Friday. 

Once again with the latest results, all candidate races stayed essentially the same. New votes were added in the same general proportions as had been seen in the counts to date.

Incumbent council member Suzanne Hadley now trails second-place finisher David Lesser by 1,092 votes, significantly more than in the first two reported counts. After the overnight count on Election Night, Hadley had trailed by 653 votes. 

In the school board race, where two blocs of three aligned candidates faced voters, the gap between third place and fourth place is a chasm: 1,648 votes now separate third-place finisher Wysh Weinstein from fourth-place finisher Christy Barnes.

VOTE TOTALS AS OF 4:09PM, 11/11/22

Here are the latest updated counts of Manhattan Beach votes for City Council and school board, from the L.A. County Registrar/Recorder 

According to LA County elections officials, these results should now include vote-by-mail ballots "cast through Election Day." Previous counts included vote-by-mail ballots returned before Election Day, and all ballots cast at a Vote Center, through Election Day. 

These totals may not include all Vote By Mail ballots received on Election Day, Vote By Mail ballots that may arrive over up until 7 days after the election, Conditional Voter Registration Ballots, or Provisional Ballots.

Manhattan Beach City Council (2 seats)

Amy Howorth      5,025  (23.78%)   (+673 from 11/10 count)
David Lesser       4,920  (23.28%)   (+619)    
Suzanne Hadley  3,828  (18.11%)   (+349)
Frank Chiella       2,488  (11.77%)    (+223)
Rita Crabtree-Kempe   2,176  (10.30%)     (+196) 
Mark Burton        2,097  (9.92%)     (+189)
Stewart Fournier    598  (2.83%)     (+ 67)

* Note: The first version of this post gave incorrect totals for the final 3 candidates. The post has been updated.


Manhattan Beach Unified School District Trustees (3 seats)

Jen Fenton            6,128  (21.13%)     (+801 from 11/10 count)
Tina Shivpuri         5,874   (20.25%)   (+783) 
Wysh Weinstein    5,521  (19.03%)   (+724) 
Christy Barnes      3,873  (13.35%)   (+333)
John Uriostegui    3,823  (13.18%)     (+336)
Mike Welsh           3,789  (13.06%)    (+327)


Measure MB (Allow Retail Cannabis Shops)

Yes                      2,552 (22%)   (+267) 

No                       9,156 (78%)   (+998) 

Measure V (Keep Existing Bans on Retail Cannabis)

Yes                      7,889 (68%)   (+883) 

No                       3,688 (32%)   (+364) 

See more details about vote count schedules and historical turnout in "Manhattan Beach Voters Expect Friday Update."

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