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Manhattan Beach Coordinating Council Honors January Students of the Month

Jan 18, 2024 06:35PM ● By Jeanne Fratello

MBCC January honorees include, from left: Emily Becker, Ava Nicols, Blaise Gaydosh, Elise Myers, and Brooklyn Miller.

The Manhattan Beach Coordinating Council on Thursday hosted a special luncheon to honor its January students of the month from Manhattan Beach schools.

This month's group of honored students included: 

Elise Myers - American Martyrs School
Blaise Gaydosh - American Martyrs School
Brooklyn Miller - American Martyrs School
Emily Becker - Manhattan Beach Middle School
Ava Nicols - Mira Costa High School

Each student received certificates of commendation from the Manhattan Beach Coordinating Council, the city of Manhattan Beach, and local elected leaders.

American Martyrs teacher Julie Imrie praised Elise Myers for her "unwavering dedication" to excellence and academic growth." Myers, a soccer player, "should be commended for her intellectual curiosity and her ability to juggle athletics and academics," added Imrie.

American Martyrs teacher Sarah Yoder introduced Blaise Gaydosh as an expert Rubik's Cube solver, yo-yo artist, and drummer - and thanked him for always reminding his teachers and peers of "the pure joy of learning." "Your curiosity has made our classroom a vibrant place for learning," Yoder told him. 

American Martyrs teacher Taylor McCarthy said that Brooklyn Miller is a "sensational student who brings joy and smiles into every classroom." "The class has learned so much thanks to her courage and curiosity," added McCarthy, who called her "the queen of positive energy."

Manhattan Beach Middle School science teacher Tanya Sanchez praised Emily Becker as a "go-getter and model student," especially in the sciences. "Her ability to find humor in challenging situation is both admirable and contagious," added Sanchez, who noted that Becker will often chant "Women. In. STEM!"

Mira Costa High School Vice Principal Kimberly Price gave a sentimental introduction of Ava Nicols because Price had been Nicols' first grade teacher at Pennekamp. "She is a compassionate, driven, and community-oriented individual," said Price, noting that Nicols is an award-winning writer and co-editor of Mira Costa's newspaper La Vista, as well as president of Mira Costa's South Bay Food Initiative group. "Students like Ava don't come around very often," added Price.

Manhattan Beach Coordinating Council

The Manhattan Beach Coordinating Council is a local group that promotes networking, communication and information exchange among agencies, organizations and individuals; and  provides recognition to local students.

The group honors students at luncheons in November, January, March, and April. At the group's May luncheon, it awards scholarships to Mira Costa High School seniors.

The students honored at the luncheons are selected by their schools and teachers. Scholarships for Mira Costa seniors are chosen by the MBCC Board.

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